Moss Ball Miniature Garden


Old Japanese landscape, Breath of life, “Wabi-Sabi” mind,
Feel Japanese culture in your life.  Moss Ball Miniature Garden IBUKI.

Karesansui and garden stones in the miniature garden

I hope everyone to feel the charm and healing of the garden.
Moss Ball Garden IBUKI was born from such a thought.

In Japan, there is the word “Wabi-Sabi.”
This is one of the Japanese aesthetics.

Wabi - A state of mind where one can find fulfillment even in simplicity and enjoy it.
Sabi - A beauty where one can naturally feel something deep or abundant in tranquility.

Gardens are not to be enjoyed in perfect form with all of one's desired conditions perfectly fulfilled.
Rather, we should find beauty, tranquility, and well-being, admire the small things, rejoice in growth,
and shere these emotions with others even if the garden is lacking in areas or not extravagant.

Moss Ball Garden IBUKI is “Karesansui” that can be enjoyed regardless of location, age or gender.
Find your own “Wabi-Sabi” mind in this small universe. And feel the breath of life.

Moss Ball Garden IBUKI