Moss Ball Miniature Garden IBUKI


The charm of the Miniature Garden IBUKI and about the Shijin

The garden can serve as an interior design item or a good luck charm in locations such as your company reception area or entrance or in your own home.
Great for celebrating new constructions or the opening of a new store.
Also great for commemorating your child or grandchild's birthday.
These miniature gardens serve to bring forth joy and beauty which soothe the spirit and, at the same time, act as charms to protect you and those that you hold dear.

The shijin are the four gods who rule the cardinal directions in the Theory of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements: the Azure Dragon of the East, the Vermillion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Turtle of the North.


(Black Turtle)

The oldest and strongest of the four divine beasts who eliminates misfortune. Guardian deity of the North.
Protects against sickness and disaster, acts as a charm against evil spirits, promotes good fortune in health.


(White Tiger)

The divine beast who governs leadership and the ability to take action. Guardian deity of the West.
Promotes leadership and the ability to take action.
Brings wealth for generations to come.


(Vermillion Bird)

A divine beast like a Chinese phoenix with wings spread wide. Guardian deity of the South.
Restoration after dishonor, recovery of trust, restoration, recovery from hopeless situations.


(Azure Dragon)

Invites good fortune, wealth, and success. The strong guardian deity of the East.
Powerful, brings good fortune, changes luck for the better, increases luck with money, brings success.




You may choose either an elliptical or rectangular shape for the vessel.
The sizes are L: 500×300×70, M: 400×250×60, and S: 250×200×50.
We can also create original made-to-order items in your desired shape and color for a truly one of a kind original vessel just for you.
Please contact us separately to ask about this service.




Our vessels belong to the traditional Ibaraki Prefecture style of pottery known as “Kasama Ware.”
This pottery is made from clay taken from the soil of the Land of the Rising Sun which has soaked up abundant amounts of the energy of the gods who dwell there.
It takes approximately one to two months to knead the soil, dry the clay, and adorn the unfired vessel with glaze.
The vessel is then fired slowly and deliberately, requiring a total of three months before the finished product is ready.






Kokedama (Moss Balls) make use of the serenity and charm of moss and gently envelop the roots of the plants they support.
We take the best seedlings from Ibaraki Prefecture and other areas in Japan and use carefully cultivated moss to form each into a kokedama with the greatest possible care.
You may choose up to two or three of these kokedama.
we make each kokedama with plants to fit the season.

Moss Balls

Moss Balls

Moss Balls

Moss Balls


The niwaishi (Garden Stones) are made from Kasama Were and take on the colors of the gods who rule over the four cardinal directions.
Much like the Yellow Dragon guarded in the center, these stones represent you yourself or the people or items you wish to protect.
You may choose up to three of these niwaishi.

Moss Balls


Sand Rake (Bamboo), Moss, Kansuiseki (White Marble from Ibaraki).
Each sand rake is made by hand with great care by artisans from bamboo cultivated in the soil and sunlight of the Land of the Rising Sun.